Echo dot is one of my favorite amazon products

I have a total of 3 of these now. It does so many things such as play my music, ted talks, trivia pursuit, read my kindle books, order products for me but my favorite thing is each one works as a intercom.  Mom is hard of hearing and I can be downstairs and communicate with her upstairs.  Amazon has made my life more manageable.



Mom’s 85th Birthday Surprise

My brother, my sister in law, myself and my husband planned a surprise 85th birthday party for mom. It was in October 2018.  I cannot believe it but we actually pulled it off. She has 3 brothers and 2 of them made the trip to Asheville, NC. We rented a shed at Lake Julian.  We had family, friends and some bluegrass music.  I am so blessed to have her in my life. I cannot think of a life without her.


Making time for your family

There is nothing that makes my mom more happy than me taking a weekday off.  She loves for us to go somewhere or for me to just be home with her. I took one of those days on Friday.  It started out great with breakfast at Cracker Barrell. We were chatting.  I took a photo of her smiling.  While eating she got a little chocked.  She got embarrassed.  She was worried that I was embarrassed.  I was scared.  She was talking and coughing which were both good signs.  She ended being ok and we did a little shopping.


The medication she takes for leukemia has a long list of common side effects (Imbruvica).  I think she has had everyone of them.  Dealing with an ageing parent is all new territory for me. She is changing a bit everyday.  I have to keep reminding myself to be very patient.  I want to make her life as easy and as wonderful as possible.  I do not want her to see me get frustrated or impatient.  This takes a lot of prayer and mentally talking to myself.

As I write this I hear her in the kitchen whistling.  She wakes up so happy.  She makes her bed every single day.  How did she have a daughter who needs two cups of coffee each morning before I can make complete sentence, who seldom makes her bed and never seems to have the time to stop and smell the roses so to speak?  There are many things we do have in common.  We share love for lipstick/makeup, flowers, Christmas, snow, the cat, predictable Lifetime/Hallmark movies, fall leaves, coffee, sitting outside, reality shows, the beach, shopping, food, laughing and on and on.

I am blessed.




Davy Crockett comes to Cherokee, NC

In 1953 my mom was 20 years old and working in a craft store in Cherokee, NC. She was approached to be an extra in a Davy Crockett movie that was being filmed there.  She remembers being dressed in a long dress and bonnet.   She smiles when she talks about how much fun she had.  I bought the movie and found her but the photo is not great.   She is the background below with Buddy Ebsen. (she has the bonnet)



No Cats allowed?

My daddy never liked cats.  He made this well known to us.  I never thought about it at the time but I think it was mostly due to the fact that daddy loved his vehicles and the neighbor’s cat like to walk all over his freshly applied wax job. My mom was a wife who agreed and quoted most of the opinions my daddy had.

Not too long after daddy passed away a cat showed up at our house.  He was living under our deck.  He was as scared of me as I was of him.  I am not sure I had ever petted a cat prior to 2013. My husband coaxed him out one day.  He pushed him towards me and I  held him for a few seconds before he scratched me and ran away.  It took months until he would come out to see us and actually trust that we would not hurt him.

I grew to love him.  He was feral and had the clipped ear which meant he had been fixed, given shots and released.(I had to google this)  Kitty decided to visit the front porch one day.  My mom saw him.   I was fairly confident she would not like him. She seemed to want to get to know him.

My husband said, “that cat is going to end up in the house”.  I said “no way!” It was not too long until he made his way in the house and mom was feeding him.  My husband said “that cat is going to be sleeping with your mom” and I said “no way!” My husband was right.  Mom loves the cat she calls “Kitty Boo”.  He is so much company for her.  She thinks about him all the time.  My son took care of Kitty Boo when we took her to the beach last year and she could not stop thinking about him. She got a little homesick.  She talks to him and it is the sweetest thing ever.  I think he is talking back to her as well.

Kitty Boo was heaven sent.  We all love him very much!


Myrtle Beach Fan

My parents took my brother and me on two vacations.  We went to Nashville, TN (Grand Ole Opry) and Daytona Beach February 1972 (Daytona 500) I need to explain our sad faces in photo number 1.  The vacation was a surprise destination so when we started out daddy did not reveal where we were going.  My brother and I hoped it was the beach as we had never been. Guess what?  It wasn’t!  

They thought to spend money on vacations was a waste of money so needless to say after the Daytona trip I do not recall another one with my parents.

After daddy died momma wanted to go to Myrtle Beach. She had never seen the ocean.  She loves it! She wants to go all the time and I wish I could take her more. It is definitely her happy place.



“blog like you are talking to your friends”

I have been thinking about blogging for a few months.  I have always loved writing but am unsure if I am good at it.  My favorite subject is my mom Nona.  I am currently 56 years old and mom is soon to be 85.  Throughout our life, we have been more like sisters.  Our relationship has never been formal.  She is not “mother” she is “momma”, mom or Nona to me. I hope to bring humor to taking care of our parents as they age.

When my dad fell in 2008 and became a quadriplegic she moved in with me.  Our routine was I would drop her off at the skilled nursing center every morning at 730am.  I would go to work and pick her up after I got off.  I have a brother who was a wonderful support system for us and he would drop her off in the evenings sometimes.  In 2010 when my dad passed away she moved back to their house and I moved in with her. It was shortly after that when she was diagnosed with leukemia.

With my blog, I am hoping to record my memories with momma.   If what I write brings a smile or some helpful info I would certainly love that.

I would love feedback with my blogging technique since I am a beginner. I heard you should begin your blog like you are talking to a group of your friends.